Leadership and Management Topics

All companies are reviewing their management abilities. It's only through excellent leadership that a company will succeed. Managers at all levels, from the most junior supervisor, to the most senior executive, need to clearly understand the difference between average and great leadership. Our clients appreciate the diversity in our leadership programs. The programs are available in a modular format and customized to be very skill specific.

Sample Program Topics

* Coaching - From Determing Requirements to Achieving Results

* Coaching and Mentoring

* Coaching for Performance Acceleration

* Creating Employee Development Plans

* Delegating for Success

* Emotional Intelligence

* Foundations of Leadership

* Getting the Most From Your Meetings

* Giving an Effective Performance Review

* Giving and Receiving Feedback

* Handling Difficult Behaviours

* Harassment in the Workplace

* Hiring the Right People for the Right Jobs

* Managing / Supervising for Success

* Motivating People to Action

* Negotiation Skills

* Project Management

* Strategic Leadership

* Strategic Time Management

* Team Building for Leaders

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